ASIDES: Enough Already, With The Cell Phone

by Patti on March 10, 2012

in Advice for CNA's, ASIDES

Cell phones are a wonderful addition to our lives. Communicating quickly with family and friends is a good thing most the time.

However, at work, in nursing, they are fast becoming a nuance. I see many nurses and aides who constantly check their cells for messages; or who are texting someone. Right in the middle of patient care! Or a residents’ mealtime!

Message to CNA’s:
Cell phones no longer interfere with most medical equipment. This is no excuse to use them while we are working. Surely any message can wait until a break. Nothing is more aggravating than watching your co-worker drop everything they’re doing to TEXT someone. Or to check a call. Not only is this aggravating, it’s very unprofessional.

Message to management:
What is YOUR policy on this? Where I work we are not allowed to carry our cells with us on the units. Equipment problems are not the stated reason either. Rather, common courtesy and professionalism are cited. Cell phones take time and attention away from resident care; residents and co workers perceive the use of cell phones during care as rude (IT IS!). Staff are allowed to use their cells on their breaks only, and in the break room only- not in patient care areas.

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