ASIDES: Oooh That Smell

by Patti on March 10, 2012

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If you’re a smoker, you’ll want to read this article. If you’re not, you should still read this.

At work smokers take their breaks and usually light up. Having that cigarette often relaxes us and keeps us even keeled. Many facilities are now smoke free- no smoking on the actual grounds of the property or within certain distances from the buildings. BUT most allow staff to smoke inside their vehicles. This is a privilege and not a right. Be grateful when you can.

One thing is noticed often by smokers and non smokers alike: After you have smoked, YOU SMELL like cigarettes. It’s the natural course of events here. The smell gets in your hair, your uniform, your skin. And your breath. It’s not a nice thing to smell.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor: Clean up after a smoke…when you come back inside, WASH your hands first of all. Then brush your teeth or at least use some mints or gum. Some aides I know also do a little more: They use the hand gels to help rid their body of the scent. How? They simply rub the gel in their hands and before it dries they quickly rub it all over their arms, neck and uniform top. It works wonders. One aide actually briefly runs her gel soaked fingers through her hair as well.

Other aides wash up and then use a lotion with a light scent, to cover up the odor. At a local nursing home down the road from me the staff use the unscented Febreeze-like spray over themselves- this is probably the best thing I have seen yet, that really works.

Residents and patients can get nauseated when they smell cigarette odors. Others may become agitated because they WANT to smoke but cannot. Either way, it’s gross and no one likes the smell. So be considerate of others.

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