ASIDES: What Not To Wear At Work

by Patti on March 10, 2012

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Our appearance is important in how we are perceived. When we dress appropriately, people respect us more.
Lately I’ve seen some aides come to work looking like they’ve been run over by a truck.

Wrinkled and stained scrubs might be ok to wear around the house, but please don’t wear them to work.

Thread born, tattered and ripped uniforms are another pet peeve…they present an image of laziness. Really old and faded scrubs also come across as tacky.

Scrubs can last for years with proper care and handling. Some of the newer materials are really easy to care for- wash, dry and wear…There’s no need to iron uniforms but ALL scrubs need to be FOLDED after being dried. Folding them while they are still warm keeps the wrinkles away. It’s always a very good idea to have an extra set of scrubs with you…I keep a set in my car; one never knows when an accidental spill or other event will happen, that requires a change of clothes. Better to be safe than sorry.

Old sneakers are another image buster. And do consider that these shoes probably have an odor as well, that others can smell. When you have newer shoes, spraying them daily with Febreze or a similar product works wonders to keep these odors from ever forming. Lysol even works well. Clean your shoes, sneakers too- with a damp cloth to remove stains.

Keep your hair neat. Wild hairdos just look unprofessional in our work. Make sure your hair is clean too! Greasy slick hair is nasty to look at. And very few patients/residents want your hair in their face or over any other part of their body as you do personal care. The other day I witnessed an aides’ beautiful hair fall into a brief full of feces. The hair wasn’t pulled up. It was GROSS.

Scents? Nope. Don’t wear perfume to work. Many patients/residents have super sensitive smell and these odors can nauseate them.

And one final thing: Keep the makeup off as much as possible. It runs. It makes you look like a clown. Even the mascaras that promise 12 hours of wear…smudge under your eyes and make you look more tired than you probably already are. The work we do involves a lot of running around, bathing, showering activities…perfect situations for make up to melt off our faces.

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