7 Habits Of Highly INeffective CNA’s

March 17, 2012

Today, we’re listing up 7 habits of highly INeffective CNA’s. If you recognize yourself, change your habits.

1) She calls out often; or is late; or leaves early. A CNA cannot be effective when they are not at work.

2) She is inflexible. She won’t alter her assignment to make things fair to all; she refuses to take on extra residents without a battle; she refuses to change her routine for the residents’ benefit.

3) Teamwork: She either belongs to a clique or is a loner. The clique is negative and spends much time backstabbing other aides. The loner never smiles or offers to assist others. She isn’t helpful with new aides.

4) She is on the phone. A lot. Either her own or the facility phone. She makes calls when the nurses are busy and away from the nurses station.

5) She spend a lot of “down” time behind the nurses station. Sitting. Doing her nails or braiding her hair. Not answering call bells; ignoring requests for help. Yet she has no problem gabbing with staff from other departments.

6) She’s a gossip queen and a rumor monger. She seeks out others to spread stories and tales true and untrue.

7) She never volunteers for anything. She avoids putting any extra effort or thought into situations that require it. Residents don’t dislike her, but they don’t favor her either. She doesn’t bring on smiles to those she encounters at work.

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