Off Topic: Many CNA Blogs are LINK FARMS

by Patti on January 17, 2013

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A little off topic post here. I’ve been checking the stats for this web site for years now- and it’s fairly consistent that we get around 100,000 visits a day. Holidays and weekends the numbers of lower of course.  As many of you know, this site has been around since 1996 and we’ve built quite a following.

In looking at the stats lately, I’ve noticed some common themes; also, I’ve been getting lots of emails from unknown people (and perhaps not even from people but automated email generators!) requesting a “link” to my site. I ALWAYS check the quality and realness of any site I link to.

There are a lot of “CNA” blogs and other web sites that offer little to low value information. A few offer” online’ training as well. One thing these sites ALL have in common is a page where they list lots of links to similar (usually medical) sites. These blogs/sites are known as LINK FARMS. They look authentic and some seem to offer “valuable” content…until we realize most of the content has been stolen from other legit nursing assistant sites. If you read further and deeper into the site, it becomes clear the site owner has no clue what they are really writing about. The sole purpose of these sites is the generate income for it’s owners- by way of affiliate linking to online schools and colleges.

Another popular guise many CNA websites employ is called CONTENT FARMING. Computer programs are designed to steal content from legit web sites, usually through an RSS feed, and regenerate the content at another web site. Often, the wording is slightly changed in hope of making it appear original. Google declared war on the CONTENT FARM sites and many have left the web. The sites would draw readers in thru a good looking and reading main page- then redirect readers to the resource page full of links.

Onto some examples:

THIS IS A POPULAR site- but it’s not a valid or legit site for CNAs:


None of these sites are legit either:

  • http://www.certifiednursingassistant./


There are many many others. One can tell the difference between an honest, hosted-by-a-living-person web site vs these Link Farm sites.

First, there is an ABOUT ME/US Page with realistic info about the site owner at “real” sites.

Next, the content is not loaded with inbound links to others “resources” pages at “real” sites.

At link farm sites, here is a “RESOURCE” page of some sort and it’s full of school/college links. This is the tell tale, above dispute proof of link farming.

Sadly these sites are not just around for CNAs. Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Medical Assistants also have their fair share of farm sites as well. For whatever reason, there are very few DOCTOR link farm sites.  Perhaps because most people know one cannot get a medical degree online.


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