Question of The Week: How Do I Become More Valued By The Nurse?

by Patti on March 24, 2012

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I’ve been working at the nursing home for 3 months now. More than a few of the CNAs working here are long term staff and the nurse depends upon them to get things done. I’m never asked to take on special projects or tasks. I really like this job and want to be part of the team but I believe I’m not offered the chance simply because I’m new. I’ve never called out or been late. I haven’t heard any complaints about my work. Is it too soon to ask the nurse to seek me out for more duties? I don’t think she values me.

Good question and not one we hear too often! Many CNAs don’t stay employed long enough at nursing homes to be considered reliable staff. So those that do are indeed a valuable asset to the nurses. You say you’ve worked for this facility for 3 months now; how long have the others been employed? That might give you an idea of what the nurse considers to be “seasoned” staff. And that’s what it comes down to: The nurse knows the other aides well; she knows their skill level and quality of work; she knows when she can push them to do more and when she should NOT push them (but probably has regardless)! To begin, I would ask the nurse if she needs any help with anything at those times you have a free minute. If you hear discussions about a sick resident, offer to check vital signs- no matter who the resident is assigned to. Pick up any slack on the other CNA’s part. Offer to take on more residents to your assignment when necessary. Just show that you can handle the extra workload- AND importantly, get it all done in a timely manner. You don’t need to brag about this. Your work will speak for itself. As you grow in your job, nurses and others will take notice. Never complain! Don’t try to undermine the other aides either. Remember you’re all working as a team. Good Luck!

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