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March 17, 2012

Welcome to NursingAssistants.net!

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We have many resources here for CNAs, CNA educators, Staff Development, and others who are interested in the work of the CNA.

Educational Articles:

Advice For CNAs:

 …and MANY MORE!

ASIDES: Quick tips and advice for busy CNAs:

…and More
SPOT LIGHT Series: In depth articles about important topics:

…and MORE


Our mission here is to provide CNAs, charge nurses, DONs, Staff Development and others, modern, freshly updated and honest materials to use to further enhance the work of the CNA. We do not accept advertisements on this site, nor do we endorse products. We will review books when asked and provide a written narrative on the book. The materials here are written by CNAs for CNAs. These are not professional articles, just from-the-heart knowledge we want to share. All materials here are free to use, but not for reproduction on other websites. Again, thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to contact us any time.


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